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Webcams in the Region of Macolin, Switzerland

Current local time in Macolin: 17:58

Coordinates of Macolin:
Longitude: 7° 13' 0" East
Latitude: 47° 9' 0" North

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The List of Webcams near Macolin, Switzerland: (Other places in Switzerland »)
Webcam Biel - Bienne, Switzerland - 1.6 miles from Macolin:
Webcam Biel - Bienne Lake of Biel/Bienne - A very nice panorama-view over the lake of Biel/Bienne (Switzerland).


Webcam Ligerz, Switzerland - 5.8 miles from Macolin:
Webcam Ligerz Festiguet Winery - Webcam of the Festiguet winery on the Festi ob Ligerz. View in southern direction over the vineyards towards Lake Biel.

Webcam Selzach, Switzerland - 11.8 miles from Macolin:
Webcam Selzach Webcam Selzach - View in southern direction.

Webcam Solothurn, Switzerland - 15.5 miles from Macolin:
Webcam Solothurn Kathedrale St. Urs und Viktor - A webcam and current weather data from Solothurn.

Webcam Urtenen-Schönbühl, Switzerland - 15.7 miles from Macolin:
Webcam Urtenen-Schönbühl Traffic Views

Webcam Balmberg, Switzerland - 17.1 miles from Macolin:
Webcam Balmberg Seilpark Balmberg - A view towards the Alps.

Webcam Neuchâtel, Switzerland - 17.4 miles from Macolin:
Webcam Neuchâtel Four Webcams - Move your mouse over the image to see the webcams.

Webcam Bern, Switzerland - 17.7 miles from Macolin:
Webcam Bern View over Bern - A nice panorama view over the city of Bern from the Climate and Environmental Physics Institute of Bern University.

Webcam Bern, Switzerland - 17.7 miles from Macolin:
Webcam Bern Bärenplatz - A view of the Bärenplatz near the Bundeshaus in Bern.

Webcam Bern, Switzerland - 17.7 miles from Macolin:
Webcam Bern Bern-Belp Airport - A view of the apron of Bern-Belp airport

Webcam Köniz, Switzerland - 18.1 miles from Macolin:
Webcam Köniz Bläuackerplatz - View of the Bläuackerplatz in Köniz, Switzerland.

Webcam Neuenegg, Switzerland - 18.1 miles from Macolin:
Webcam Neuenegg View over Neuenegg - View towards the motorway A12, Flamatt.

Webcam Bellerive, Switzerland - 18.3 miles from Macolin:
Webcam Bellerive Lake Murten - A view from Bellerive-Cotterd.

Webcam Movelier, Switzerland - 18.5 miles from Macolin:
Webcam Movelier Weathercam - View in western direction.

Webcam Laupersdorf, Switzerland - 23.4 miles from Macolin:
Webcam Laupersdorf View towards Weissenstein / Jura - View from Laupersdorf towards Matzendorf, Aedermannsdorf, Herbertswil and Welschenrohr, with mount Rüttelhorn (1192 m), Chamben (1251 m), Röti (1395 m) and Weissenstein (1303 m) to the left.

Webcam Biglen, Switzerland - 24.7 miles from Macolin:
Webcam Biglen Weathercam - Webcam and weather from Biglen.

Webcam Les Ponts-de-Martel, Switzerland - 25 miles from Macolin:
Webcam Les Ponts-de-Martel View over Les Ponts-de-Martel - A view over Les Ponts-de-Martel, the Valley and Le Creux-du-Van.

Webcam Reigoldswil, Switzerland - 28.1 miles from Macolin:
Webcam Reigoldswil Wasserfallenbahn Valley Station - A view of the valley station of the Wasserfallenbahn in Reigoldswil, Switzerland.

Webcam Reigoldswil, Switzerland - 28.1 miles from Macolin:
Webcam Reigoldswil Wasserfallen - View from the Wasserfallen towards north with the mountain station of the Wasserfallenbahn.

Webcam Wasen im Emmental, Switzerland - 28.2 miles from Macolin:
Webcam Wasen im Emmental View of Wasen - The current weather image refreshes every two minutes and shows a view over Wasen in western direction.

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