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Webcams in the Region of Ettiswil, Switzerland

Current local time in Ettiswil: 05:00

Coordinates of Ettiswil:
Longitude: 8° 1' 0" East
Latitude: 47° 9' 0" North

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The List of Webcams near Ettiswil, Switzerland: (Other places in Switzerland »)
(12 Miles): Webcam Beinwil am See, Switzerland
Webcam Beinwil am See Lake Hallwil - A view from the Segelschule Hallwilersee.

Operator: Segelschule Hallwilersee

(12.8 Miles): Webcam Wasen im Emmental, Switzerland
Webcam Wasen im Emmental View of Wasen - The current weather image refreshes every two minutes and shows a view over Wasen in western direction.

Operator: HEKO-Soft

(13.5 Miles): Webcam Birrwil, Switzerland
Webcam Birrwil View over Birrwil - A nice view over Birrwil onto Lake Hallwil.

Operator: Gemeinde Birrwil

(14.8 Miles): Webcam Olten, Switzerland
Webcam Olten Aare-View - A view over the river Aare to the city of Olten, Switzerland

Operator: Wohnregion Olten

(15.5 Miles): Webcam Lucerne, Switzerland
Webcam Lucerne Kapellbrücke - View of the Kapellbrücke, the Schwanenplatz and the Old Town of Lucerne.

Operator: Stadt Luzern

(15.5 Miles): Webcam Lucerne, Switzerland
Webcam Lucerne The City. The Lake. The Mountains.

Operator: Luzern Tourismus AG

(16.8 Miles): Webcam Aarau, Switzerland
Webcam Aarau Aarau Telli - Webcam with a view from the Neuenburgerstrasse in the Telli, Aarau.

Operator: Telli-Portal

(16.8 Miles): Webcam Aarau, Switzerland
Webcam Aarau Aarau Wasserflue Nord

Operator: Interaction Concept

(17.8 Miles): Webcam Root, Switzerland
Webcam Root Gasthaus Michaelskreuz - The view from the Gasthaus Michaelskreuz in Root.

Operator: Gasthaus Michaelskreuz

(17.9 Miles): Webcam Hergiswil, Switzerland
Webcam Hergiswil Lake Lucerne - View onto Lake Lucerne at Hergiswil.


(18 Miles): Webcam Gisikon, Switzerland
Webcam Gisikon Webcam Autobahn Gisikon-Root Gasthof Tell

Operator: Schnyder-Informatik

(18.3 Miles): Webcam Meggen, Switzerland
Webcam Meggen View of Meggen - A nice panorama view of Meggen, Lake Lucerne.

Operator: Gemeinde Meggen

(18.9 Miles): Webcam Balsthal, Switzerland
Webcam Balsthal Weathercam Schwängimatt - Panorama view with current weather data from Schwängimatt, Balsthal.


(19 Miles): Webcam Bad Ramsach, Switzerland
Webcam Bad Ramsach Kurhotel Bad Ramsach - A nice view from the Kurhotel Bad Ramsach.

Operator: Kurhotel Bad Ramsach

(19.9 Miles): Webcam Bürgenstock, Switzerland
Webcam Bürgenstock View towards Pilatus - The view from the Höhere Fachschule Bürgenstock.

Operator: Höhere Fachschule Bürgenstock

(19.9 Miles): Webcam Bürgenstock, Switzerland
Webcam Bürgenstock View towards Stanserhorn - The view from the Höhere Fachschule Bürgenstock.

Operator: Höhere Fachschule Bürgenstock

(20.4 Miles): Webcam Küssnacht am Rigi, Switzerland
Webcam Küssnacht am Rigi Vierwaldstättersee - View of the Vierwaldstättersee at Küssnacht am Rigi.

Operator: Küssnachter Webkanal

(20.6 Miles): Webcam Sarnen, Switzerland
Webcam Sarnen View over Sarnen - A nice panorama view from the town center in southern direction.

Operator: Imfeld Treuhand- und Revisions AG

(20.6 Miles): Webcam Laupersdorf, Switzerland
Webcam Laupersdorf View towards Weissenstein / Jura - View from Laupersdorf towards Matzendorf, Aedermannsdorf, Herbertswil and Welschenrohr, with mount Rüttelhorn (1192 m), Chamben (1251 m), Röti (1395 m) and Weissenstein (1303 m) to the left.

Operator: waagen4you

(21 Miles): Webcam Wilen bei Sarnen, Switzerland
Webcam Wilen bei Sarnen Lake Sarnen - Webcam with a view over Lake Sarnen and current weather data from Wilen bei Sarnen, Switzerland.


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