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Webcams in the Region of Petrosani, Romania

Current local time in Petrosani: 21:58

Coordinates of Petrosani:
Longitude: 25° 38' 0" East
Latitude: 43° 43' 0" North

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What's this all about?

The List of Webcams near Petrosani, Romania: (Other places in Romania »)
Webcam Bucharest, Romania - 55 miles from Petrosani:
Webcam Bucharest Several Views - Several webcams in Bucharest, Romania.

Operator: Jurnanul National

Webcam Craiova, Romania - 99.7 miles from Petrosani:
Webcam Craiova City Views - Different views of the city of Craiova, Romaina.

Operator: Primaria Municipiului Craiova

Webcam Brasov, Romania - 133.8 miles from Petrosani:
Webcam Brasov Piata Sfatului - A nice view over the Piata Sfatului.

Operator: brasov-live

Webcam Sofia, Bulgaria - 136 miles from Petrosani:
Webcam Sofia Vitosha Boulevard - This webcam offers a view of the main commercial street of Sofia.

Operator: NovaNews

Webcam Olimp, Romania - 149.2 miles from Petrosani:
Webcam Olimp Popasul Pescarilor - A view of the fisherboats on the beach of Olimp, Black Sea.


Webcam Pamporovo, Bulgaria - 150.2 miles from Petrosani:
Webcam Pamporovo SkiCam - Live streaming web cam overlooking the ski runs in Pamporovo Ski resort, Bulgaria. Live video and an archive of images taken at every 15 minutes.

Operator: Bulgaria Hotels

Webcam Eforie, Romania - 152.1 miles from Petrosani:
Webcam Eforie Beach of Eforie Nord - A beach view from the Hotel Europa.


Webcam Sibiu, Romania - 160.7 miles from Petrosani:
Webcam Sibiu Several Webcams - Several webcams offer a view of the city of Sibiu, Romania.

Operator: Primaria Municipiului Sibiu

Webcam Straja, Romania - 162.8 miles from Petrosani:
Webcam Straja Straja Ski Resort - View of the Sun Plateau.


Webcam Bansko, Bulgaria - 169.4 miles from Petrosani:
Webcam Bansko View of Bansko - A view of the Bulgarian town of Bansko.

Operator: Ski Zone Bansko

Webcam Borovets, Bulgaria - 172.9 miles from Petrosani:
Webcam Borovets Live Streaming Webcam - Live streaming web cam overlooking the ski runs in Borovets Ski resort, Bulgaria. Windows Media Player required, also an archive of snapshots updated 3 times a day.

Operator: Bulgaria Hotels

Webcam Sighisoara, Romania - 178.2 miles from Petrosani:
Webcam Sighisoara City View - View on the Barbican Clock Tower and Museum Square from the Venetian House in the hometown of Count Dracula.

Operator: Skyline Webcams

Webcam Medias, Romania - 180.4 miles from Petrosani:
Webcam Medias Piata Regele Ferdinand I - A view of the Piata Regele Ferdinand I in the medieval town of Medias, Romania.

Operator: Municipiul Medias

Webcam Medias, Romania - 180.5 miles from Petrosani:
Webcam Medias Piata Mihai Eminescu - A livestream from Medias, Romania.

Operator: Primăria Municipiului Mediaş

Webcam Alba Iulia, Romania - 191.5 miles from Petrosani:
Webcam Alba Iulia Calea Motilor - This livestream offers a view of the city of Alba Iulia.

Operator: Alba Iulia Online

Webcam Bacau, Romania - 207 miles from Petrosani:
Webcam Bacau Piata Centrala - Live images from the Piata Centralain Bacau, Romania.


Webcam Golden Beach (Thassos), Greece - 210.8 miles from Petrosani:
Webcam Golden Beach (Thassos) Thassos - Golden Beach Webcam - A view of Golden Beach, Thassos, and the coastal villages of Skala Potamia and Skala Panagia.

Operator: Go Thassos

Webcam Prinos (Thassos), Greece - 212.6 miles from Petrosani:
Webcam Prinos (Thassos) Bazar of Prinos - This is Thassos web cam at Prinos is situated in front of the Bazar of Prinos. Live bazar every Monday.

Operator: SIGMA TECHNIKI Architecture and Stone Construction

Webcam Prinos (Thassos), Greece - 212.6 miles from Petrosani:
Webcam Prinos (Thassos) SunsetCam


Webcam Potos (Thassos), Greece - 220.9 miles from Petrosani:
Webcam Potos (Thassos) 1st Thassos-Webcam - The webcam is mounted on a 360°-turn-around-motor. So you can see every angle around the house. Because the motor isn't syncronized with the cam, the image is absolutely random.

Operator: Thassos-Island

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