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Webcams in the Region of Coxsackie, New York, USA

Current local time in Coxsackie: 21:28

Coordinates of Coxsackie:
Longitude: 73° 48' 10" West
Latitude: 42° 21' 3" North

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The List of Webcams near Coxsackie, New York, USA: (Other places in New York, USA »)
Webcam Albany, New York, USA - 21 miles from Coxsackie:
Webcam Albany, New York New Scotland Elementary School - A webcam in Albany, New York - camera location: New Scotland Elementary School.

Operator: WeatherBug

Webcam Eagle Mills, New York, USA - 28 miles from Coxsackie:
Webcam Eagle Mills, New York Landscape View - A webcam in Eagle Mills, New York with image archive, weather data and timelapse videos.

Operator: BrunswickNY @ Weather Underground

Webcam Schenectady, New York, USA - 32.8 miles from Coxsackie:
Webcam Schenectady, New York St Madeleine Sophie School - A webcam in Schenectady, New York - camera location: St Madeleine Sophie School.

Operator: WeatherBug

Webcam Chester, Massachusetts, USA - 42.4 miles from Coxsackie:
Webcam Chester, Massachusetts Chester Hill - A webcam in Chester, Massachusetts with image archive, weather data and timelapse videos.

Operator: guydboat @ Weather Underground

Webcam Ballston Spa, New York, USA - 45 miles from Coxsackie:
Webcam Ballston Spa, New York Ballston Spa Central School District - A webcam in Ballston Spa, New York - camera location: Ballston Spa Central School District.

Operator: WeatherBug

Webcam Huntington, Massachusetts, USA - 47.9 miles from Coxsackie:
Webcam Huntington, Massachusetts Landscape View - A webcam in Huntington, Massachusetts with image archive, weather data and timelapse videos.

Operator: LeFrog @ Weather Underground

Webcam Andes, New York, USA - 51.5 miles from Coxsackie:
Webcam Andes, New York Woodland Hills, Looking South - A webcam in Andes, New York with image archive, weather data and timelapse videos.

Operator: navigator55 @ Weather Underground

Webcam Torrington, Connecticut, USA - 51.6 miles from Coxsackie:
Webcam Torrington, Connecticut Sky above Torrington - A webcam in Torrington, Connecticut with image archive, weather data and timelapse videos.

Operator: amajeff99 @ Weather Underground

Webcam Schuylerville, New York, USA - 53 miles from Coxsackie:
Webcam Schuylerville, New York Schuylerville High School - A webcam in Schuylerville, New York - camera location: Schuylerville High School.

Operator: WeatherBug

Webcam Delhi, New York, USA - 57.1 miles from Coxsackie:
Webcam Delhi, New York Courthouse Square

Operator: Delaware County

Webcam New Milford, Connecticut, USA - 57.2 miles from Coxsackie:
Webcam New Milford, Connecticut Town of New Milford - A webcam in New Milford, Connecticut - camera location: Town of New Milford.

Operator: WeatherBug

Webcam Bethlehem, Connecticut, USA - 57.9 miles from Coxsackie:
Webcam Bethlehem, Connecticut John Dorr Nature Lab-Horace Mann School - A webcam in Bethlehem, Connecticut - camera location: John Dorr Nature Lab-Horace Mann School.

Operator: WeatherBug

Webcam Canton, Connecticut, USA - 59.1 miles from Coxsackie:
Webcam Canton, Connecticut Kaoud Oriental Rugs - A webcam in Canton, Connecticut - camera location: Kaoud Oriental Rugs.

Operator: WeatherBug

Webcam Newburgh, New York, USA - 59.5 miles from Coxsackie:
Webcam Newburgh, New York Bishop Dunn Memorial School - A webcam in Newburgh, New York - camera location: Bishop Dunn Memorial School.

Operator: WeatherBug

Webcam Simsbury, Connecticut, USA - 60.2 miles from Coxsackie:
Webcam Simsbury, Connecticut Westminster School - A webcam in Simsbury, Connecticut - camera location: Westminster School.

Operator: WeatherBug

Webcam Springfield, Massachusetts, USA - 64.4 miles from Coxsackie:
Webcam Springfield, Massachusetts Springfield Central High School - A webcam in Springfield, Massachusetts - camera location: Springfield Central High School.

Operator: WeatherBug

Webcam Washingtonville, New York, USA - 66.5 miles from Coxsackie:
Webcam Washingtonville, New York Washingtonville Central SD - A webcam in Washingtonville, New York - camera location: Washingtonville Central SD.

Operator: WeatherBug

Webcam Glens Falls, New York, USA - 66.7 miles from Coxsackie:
Webcam Glens Falls, New York Glens Falls Middle School - A webcam in Glens Falls, New York - camera location: Glens Falls Middle School.

Operator: WeatherBug

Webcam Lake Luzerne, New York, USA - 66.8 miles from Coxsackie:
Webcam Lake Luzerne, New York Stuart M Townsend Middle School - A webcam in Lake Luzerne, New York - camera location: Stuart M Townsend Middle School.

Operator: WeatherBug

Webcam Stratton, Vermont, USA - 67 miles from Coxsackie:
Webcam Stratton, Vermont Green Mountain National Forest - A webcam in Stratton, Vermont with image archive, weather data and timelapse videos.

Operator: FourOhFour @ Weather Underground

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