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Webcams in the Region of Grouw, Netherlands

Current local time in Grouw: 10:39

Coordinates of Grouw:
Longitude: 5° 50' 0" East
Latitude: 53° 6' 0" North

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The List of Webcams near Grouw, Netherlands: (Other places in Netherlands »)
(7.3 Miles): Webcam Leeuwarden, Netherlands
Webcam Leeuwarden Oldehove - A view of the Oldehove, the 'Leaning Tower of Leeuwarden'. (Hotels, Webcams and Webcam-Map Leeuwarden)

Operator: Oldehovecam

(8.6 Miles): Webcam Sneek, Netherlands
Webcam Sneek Gate Waterpoort and Marktstraat


(10.8 Miles): Webcam Oenkerk, Netherlands
Webcam Oenkerk Webcam Weather Oenkerk - Webcam and weatherinformation from Oenkerk in the province of Friesland, The Netherlands.

Operator: Webcam Weather Oenkerk

(13.6 Miles): Webcam Burdaard, Netherlands
Webcam Burdaard Dokkumer Ee - A nice view from Burdaard.


(13.8 Miles): Webcam Woudsend, Netherlands
Webcam Woudsend Marina - A view of the marina of Woudsend, Netherlands.

Operator: Beaufort Watersport

(18.2 Miles): Webcam Makkum, Netherlands
Webcam Makkum IJsselmeer - Two views from Makkum.

Operator: Bungalowpark Beach Resort Makkum

(19.8 Miles): Webcam Grootegast, Netherlands
Webcam Grootegast Weerstation Grootegast - Weather camera in the village of Grootegast / Groningen.

Operator: Weerstation Grootegast

(21 Miles): Webcam Hindeloopen, Netherlands
Webcam Hindeloopen Ijsselmeer - View of the Ijsselmeer from the OK Surfschule in Hindeloopen.

Operator: OK Surfschule

(24.5 Miles): Webcam Ameland, Netherlands
Webcam Ameland View over the Island - A view over the West Frisian Island of Ameland in the North Sea.


(24.9 Miles): Webcam Roden, Netherlands
Webcam Roden Weathercam Roden, Drenthe - A view of the current weather conditions in Roden.


(29.8 Miles): Webcam Terschelling, Netherlands
Webcam Terschelling Terschelling NL - Yachting Port - View of the yachting port and the lighthouse Brandaris from the Maritiem Instituut Willem Barentsz, Terschelling, the Netherlands.

Operator: Maritiem Instituut Willem Barentsz

(29.8 Miles): Webcam Terschelling, Netherlands
Webcam Terschelling Yachting Port Terschelling - A view in eastern direction over the yachting port of Terschelling from the Maritiem instituut Willem Barentsz.

Operator: Maritiem instituut Willem Barentsz

(29.8 Miles): Webcam Terschelling, Netherlands
Webcam Terschelling View over Terschelling - A nice view from the bike rental Tijs Knop.

Operator: Fietsenverhuur Tijs Knop

(31.1 Miles): Webcam Assen, Netherlands
Webcam Assen Weerstation Marsdijk - A view of the sky above the city of Assen, the Netherlands.

Operator: weerstation-marsdijk

(31.4 Miles): Webcam Groningen, Netherlands
Webcam Groningen Grote Markt - A view of the Grote Markt in Groningen.


(31.4 Miles): Webcam Groningen, Netherlands
Webcam Groningen University of Groningen - As an intellectual landmark, the university's 'Academiegebouw', can be found in the city centre of Groningen. The webcam films the square in front.

Operator: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

(31.4 Miles): Webcam Groningen, Netherlands
Webcam Groningen Oranjebuurt Groningen

Operator: Live Groningen

(34.5 Miles): Webcam Vlieland, Netherlands
Webcam Vlieland Port of Vlieland - A livestream from the Hotel Zeezicht.

Operator: Hotel Zeezicht

(34.5 Miles): Webcam Vlieland, Netherlands
Webcam Vlieland Beach View


(43.2 Miles): Webcam 't Zandt, Netherlands
Webcam 't Zandt Weathercam - A view of the current weather in 't Zandt.

Operator: Op 't Zandt Weerstation

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