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Webcams in the Region of Geleen, Netherlands

Current local time in Geleen: 08:11

Coordinates of Geleen:
Longitude: 5° 50' 0" East
Latitude: 50° 58' 0" North

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The List of Webcams near Geleen, Netherlands: (Other places in Netherlands »)
Webcam Maastricht, Netherlands - 10.3 miles from Geleen:
Webcam Maastricht Meteo Maastricht - A view of the current weather conditions in Maastricht.

Operator: Meteo Maastricht

Webcam Übach-Palenberg, Germany - 13 miles from Geleen:
Webcam Übach-Palenberg Town Hall Square - A view of the town hall square and beer garden in Übach-Palenberg.

Operator: Stadt Übach-Palenberg

Webcam Roermond, Netherlands - 16.9 miles from Geleen:
Webcam Roermond Roermond Market

Operator: Gemeente Roermond

Webcam Aachen, Germany - 17.2 miles from Geleen:
Webcam Aachen Aachen City Hall - View of the city hall and the market square of Aachen.

Operator: Stadt Aachen

Webcam Aachen, Germany - 17.2 miles from Geleen:
Webcam Aachen Panorama Aachen - A nice HD livestream panorama from the Aachener Drehturm.


Webcam Hasselt, Belgium - 21.7 miles from Geleen:
Webcam Hasselt Aero-Kiewit Live cam - Three views of the oldest airfield in Belgium (since 1909).

Operator: Aero-Kiewit

Webcam Düren, Germany - 30.3 miles from Geleen:
Webcam Düren Düren Market Place - Webcam with a view of Düren's market place.

Operator: RurWeb

Webcam Mönchengladbach, Germany - 30.4 miles from Geleen:
Webcam Mönchengladbach Gardenlounge behind the KFH, Bunter Garten - View of the Gardenlounge behind the Kaiser Friedrich Halle in the 'Bunter Garten' in the heart of Mönchengladbach.

Operator: Restaurant Kaiser Friedrich

Webcam Mönchengladbach, Germany - 30.4 miles from Geleen:
Webcam Mönchengladbach Mönchengladbach-Giesenkirchen - A view of the sky above Mönchengladbach-Giesenkirchen.

Operator: Wetterdaten aus Mönchengladbach-Giesenkirchen

Webcam Mönchengladbach, Germany - 30.4 miles from Geleen:
Webcam Mönchengladbach HD Stream Best Western Crown - A view of the Vituspark, Westend and Nordpark.

Operator: AG

Webcam Nettetal, Germany - 30.7 miles from Geleen:
Webcam Nettetal Weathercam Nettetal-Kaldenkirchen - A view of the sky above Nettetal-Kaldenkirchen in northeastern direction, refreshes every five minutes during daytime.

Operator: Wilfried Hölters

Webcam Viersen-Süchteln, Germany - 32 miles from Geleen:
Webcam Viersen-Süchteln Pfarrkirche St. Clemens - View of the church tower of the Pfarrkirche St. Clemens.


Webcam Woffelsbach, Germany - 33.4 miles from Geleen:
Webcam Woffelsbach View over the Rursee - A nice panorama from the Gästehaus Seeblick.

Operator: Gästehaus Seeblick

Webcam Monschau, Germany - 33.5 miles from Geleen:
Webcam Monschau Market Square - View of the market square in the old town of Monschau.

Operator: Stadt Monschau

Webcam Monschau, Germany - 33.5 miles from Geleen:
Webcam Monschau Monschau-Mützenich - Two webcams of the private weather station Monschau-Mützenich facing east and south.

Operator: Eifelwetter

Webcam Grefrath, Germany - 33.7 miles from Geleen:
Webcam Grefrath Airfield-Webcam - View of Grefrath's airfield.

Operator: Sky-Fun

Webcam Rursee, Germany - 34.1 miles from Geleen:
Webcam Rursee RurseeCam - A view of the Rursee, Germany - viewing from buoy 1 towards buoy 2.

Operator: Rursee-Cam

Webcam Eindhoven, Netherlands - 36.1 miles from Geleen:
Webcam Eindhoven Livestream Market Square - Eindhoven, view over the Market Square from De Wildeman Cafè.

Operator: Skyline Webcams

Webcam Heimbach (Eifel), Germany - 36.4 miles from Geleen:
Webcam Heimbach (Eifel) Staubecken Heimbach - Webcam of the restaurant 'Terrasse am See' with a view of the Staubecken Heimbach in the national park Eifel.

Operator: Gaststätte 'Terrasse am See'

Webcam Lottum, Netherlands - 36.9 miles from Geleen:
Webcam Lottum Mobile Home Park Lottum - View over the Mobile Home Park.

Operator: Wohnmobil-Stellplatz Lottum

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