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Webcams in the Region of Assen, Netherlands

Current local time in Assen: 17:11

Coordinates of Assen:
Longitude: 6° 33' 0" East
Latitude: 53° 0' 0" North

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The List of Webcams near Assen, Netherlands: (Other places in Netherlands »)
Webcam Assen, Netherlands - 0.6 miles from Assen:
Webcam Assen Weerstation Marsdijk - A view of the sky above the city of Assen, the Netherlands.

Operator: weerstation-marsdijk

Webcam Roden, Netherlands - 10.8 miles from Assen:
Webcam Roden Weathercam Roden, Drenthe - A view of the current weather conditions in Roden.

Webcam Groningen, Netherlands - 15 miles from Assen:
Webcam Groningen Grote Markt - A view of the Grote Markt in Groningen.

Webcam Groningen, Netherlands - 15 miles from Assen:
Webcam Groningen University of Groningen - As an intellectual landmark, the university's 'Academiegebouw', can be found in the city centre of Groningen. The webcam films the square in front.

Webcam Groningen, Netherlands - 15 miles from Assen:
Webcam Groningen Oranjebuurt Groningen

Webcam Grootegast, Netherlands - 18.5 miles from Assen:
Webcam Grootegast Weerstation Grootegast - Weather camera in the village of Grootegast / Groningen.

Webcam Hoogeveen, Netherlands - 18.9 miles from Assen:
Webcam Hoogeveen Vliegveld Hoogeveen - View of runway 27 of the Vliegveld Hoogeveen.

Webcam Nieuw-Weerdinge, Netherlands - 20.7 miles from Assen:
Webcam Nieuw-Weerdinge Landscape View - A view of the landscape at Nieuw-Weerdinge, the Netherlands.

Webcam Emmen, Netherlands - 21.1 miles from Assen:
Webcam Emmen Weerstation Meteo-Emmen - Webcam in Emmen (Drenthe), with current weather data.

Webcam 't Zandt, Netherlands - 27 miles from Assen:
Webcam 't Zandt Weathercam - A view of the current weather in 't Zandt.

Webcam Delfzijl, Netherlands - 27.8 miles from Assen:
Webcam Delfzijl Delfzijl Port

Webcam Lauwersoog, Netherlands - 31.3 miles from Assen:
Webcam Lauwersoog Ferry Terminal - View of the ferry terminal of the ferry Lauwersoog - Nes (Ameland).

Webcam Oenkerk, Netherlands - 32 miles from Assen:
Webcam Oenkerk Webcam Weather Oenkerk - Webcam and weatherinformation from Oenkerk in the province of Friesland, The Netherlands.

Webcam Lathen, Germany - 33.2 miles from Assen:
Webcam Lathen The Webcam of Lathen - The webcam is located near the B70 and points in southern direction.

Webcam Burdaard, Netherlands - 34.4 miles from Assen:
Webcam Burdaard Dokkumer Ee - A nice view from Burdaard.

Webcam Weener, Germany - 34.9 miles from Assen:
Webcam Weener Weathercam Weener-Kirchborgum - A view of the weather towards WSW.

Webcam Weener, Germany - 34.9 miles from Assen:
Webcam Weener Old Port

Webcam Papenburg, Germany - 35.5 miles from Assen:
Webcam Papenburg Hauptkanal - A view of the Hauptkanal (Main Channel) towards the city center from the Schwanen-Apotheke.

Webcam Lemmer, Netherlands - 36.6 miles from Assen:
Webcam Lemmer HD Livestream Binnenhaven - A view of the port from the Lemstertoren.

Webcam Emden, Germany - 37 miles from Assen:
Webcam Emden Emden Fachhochschule

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