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Webcams in the Region of Wohrsberg, Germany

Current local time in Wohrsberg: 13:02

Coordinates of Wohrsberg:
Longitude: 10° 20' 0" East
Latitude: 48° 55' 0" North

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The List of Webcams near Wohrsberg, Germany: (Other places in Germany »)
Webcam Dinkelsbühl, Germany - 10.5 miles from Wohrsberg:
Webcam Dinkelsbühl Stork's Nest - Webcam viewing into the stork's nest on top of the old town hall of Dinkelsbühl.

Operator: Bund Naturschutz - Kreisgruppe Ansbach

Webcam Heidenheim an der Brenz, Germany - 18.1 miles from Wohrsberg:
Webcam Heidenheim an der Brenz Stadium FCH - A view into the Voith-Arena.

Operator: FCH-Cam

Webcam Heubach, Germany - 20.1 miles from Wohrsberg:
Webcam Heubach Airfield Heubach EDTH - A view over the airfield of Heubach.

Operator: Verkehrslandeplatz Heubach

Webcam Aurach, Germany - 23.1 miles from Wohrsberg:
Webcam Aurach Stork's Nest - View into the stork's nest on the rooftop of the Town Hall of Aurach.

Operator: Gemeinde Aurach

Webcam Gunzenhausen, Germany - 23.5 miles from Wohrsberg:
Webcam Gunzenhausen Stork's Nest of Gasthaus Lehner - The webcam shows the stork's nest of the Gasthaus Lehner, a webcam video is also available.

Operator: Gasthaus Lehner – Zum Storchennest

Webcam Gerstetten, Germany - 24.9 miles from Wohrsberg:
Webcam Gerstetten Flugsportverein Gerstetten - Webcam of the FSV Gerstetten pointing towards southwest.

Operator: Flugsportverein Gerstetten

Webcam Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany - 25.5 miles from Wohrsberg:
Webcam Schwäbisch Gmünd Historical Market Square - A view from the City Hall onto the historic market square of Schwäbisch Gmünd.

Operator: Stadt Schwäbisch Gmünd

Webcam Treuchtlingen, Germany - 26.4 miles from Wohrsberg:
Webcam Treuchtlingen Rathausplatz Treuchtlingen - A view from the town hall in southeastern direction towards the Markgrafenkirche.

Operator: Stadt Treuchtlingen

Webcam Genderkingen, Germany - 28.8 miles from Wohrsberg:
Webcam Genderkingen Donauwörth-Genderkingen Airfield - Two webcams towards east and west.

Operator: Flugplatz Donauwörth-Genderkingen

Webcam Schwäbisch Hall, Germany - 30.2 miles from Wohrsberg:
Webcam Schwäbisch Hall Livestream Market Place - A livestream of the market place of Schwäbisch Hall.

Operator: Stadt Schwäbisch Hall

Webcam Geislingen am Kocher, Germany - 30.2 miles from Wohrsberg:
Webcam Geislingen am Kocher A6 Kochertalbrücke - A view of the current traffic conditions towards Heilbronn.

Operator: Straßenverkehrszentrale Baden-Württemberg

Webcam Geislingen an der Steige, Germany - 30.6 miles from Wohrsberg:
Webcam Geislingen an der Steige Weathercam - Current weather image taken from the curch towards NE.

Operator: Private Wetterstation Geislingen an der Steige

Webcam Ramsberg, Germany - 30.6 miles from Wohrsberg:
Webcam Ramsberg Brombachsee - A view in northeastern direction over the Brombachsee.

Operator: addicted Sports

Webcam Welzheim, Germany - 31.9 miles from Wohrsberg:
Webcam Welzheim Volksbank Welzheim - A view from the Volksbank Welzheim.

Operator: Volksbank Welzheim

Webcam Bernstadt (Alb), Germany - 32.1 miles from Wohrsberg:
Webcam Bernstadt (Alb) Bernstadt Webcam - This image shows the sky above Bernstadt.

Operator: Aseptik

Webcam Neuendettelsau, Germany - 32.8 miles from Wohrsberg:
Webcam Neuendettelsau St. Nikolai Church - View of the St. Nikolai church in Neuendettelsau, a second webcam shows Bechhofen Rezattal.


Webcam Amstetten-Reutti, Germany - 32.9 miles from Wohrsberg:
Webcam Amstetten-Reutti Weathercam Reutti - A view of the current weather in Amstetten-Reutti.

Operator: Wetterstation Reutti

Webcam Schrozberg, Germany - 33.6 miles from Wohrsberg:
Webcam Schrozberg RaibaCam - Live streaming webcam of the Raiffeisenbank Schrozberg-Rot am See eG showing Schrozberg Castle.

Operator: Raiffeisenbank Schrozberg-Rot am See

Webcam Dornstadt, Germany - 35.8 miles from Wohrsberg:
Webcam Dornstadt B10 AS Ulm-West - A view of the current traffic conditions towards Stuttgart.

Operator: Straßenverkehrszentrale Baden-Württemberg

Webcam Dornstadt, Germany - 35.8 miles from Wohrsberg:
Webcam Dornstadt A8 AS Ulm-West - A view of the current traffic conditions towards Munich.

Operator: Straßenverkehrszentrale Baden-Württemberg

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