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Webcams in the Region of Nieder-Werbe, Germany

Current local time in Nieder-Werbe: 18:04

Coordinates of Nieder-Werbe:
Longitude: 9° 0' 0" East
Latitude: 51° 12' 0" North

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The List of Webcams near Nieder-Werbe, Germany: (Other places in Germany »)
(2.4 Miles): Webcam Vöhl, Germany
Webcam Vöhl Haus Ingrid - View from the holiday appartment 'Haus Ingrid' towards Ederberge and National Park Kellerwald-Edersee. (Hotels, Webcams and Webcam-Map Vöhl)

Operator: Haus Ingrid

(7.4 Miles): Webcam Korbach, Germany
Webcam Korbach Foto Röhr (Ringfoto) - View of the upper pedestrian area (Prof.-Bier-Str.) in Korbach, Germany.

Operator: Foto Röhr (Ringfoto)

(7.7 Miles): Webcam Bad Wildungen, Germany
Webcam Bad Wildungen Hotel Prinz - A view from the Hotel Prinz over Bad Wildungen, it's promenade and Friedrichstein Castle.

Operator: Hotel Prinz

(7.7 Miles): Webcam Bad Wildungen, Germany
Webcam Bad Wildungen Kurschattenbrunnen - A webcam at the Kurschattenbrunnen in Bad Wildungen.


(7.7 Miles): Webcam Bad Wildungen, Germany
Webcam Bad Wildungen Postplatz - View from the Brunnenallee onto the Postplatz.

Operator: Internetagentur Kay Floren

(9.7 Miles): Webcam Lichtenfels (Hesse), Germany
Webcam Lichtenfels (Hesse) Lichtenfels Castle, View E/ESE/SE


(13 Miles): Webcam Frankenberg (Eder), Germany
Webcam Frankenberg (Eder) View from the Burgwaldschule - A nice view over Frankenberg.

Operator: Burgwaldschule Frankenberg

(16.2 Miles): Webcam Heringhausen (Diemelsee), Germany
Webcam Heringhausen (Diemelsee) View of the Diemelsee - A webcam view of the Diemelsee from the Segel- und Wassersport - Club Brilon (SWC) e.V.

Operator: Segel- und Wassersport - Club Brilon (SWC) e.V.

(17.5 Miles): Webcam Hallenberg, Germany
Webcam Hallenberg View over Hallenberg - A nice panorama view over the city of Hallenberg, germany.

Operator: Webcam Hallenberg

(20.2 Miles): Webcam Winterberg, Germany
Webcam Winterberg Skiliftkarussell Winterberg - Several views of the cable car Winterberg.

Operator: Skiliftkarussell Winterberg

(20.2 Miles): Webcam Winterberg, Germany
Webcam Winterberg Hochheidehütte Winterberg-Niedersfeld - View from the Hochheidehütte near Winterberg-Niedersfeld in western direction.

Operator: Hochheide Hütte

(20.7 Miles): Webcam Warburg, Germany
Webcam Warburg Garden View - View of a garden and weather station.


(22.3 Miles): Webcam Wunderthausen, Germany
Webcam Wunderthausen Cross-Country Skiing Center - View of the 'Pastorenwiese' of the Cross-Country Skiing Center.

Operator: Ski-Klub Wunderthausen

(23 Miles): Webcam Kassel, Germany
Webcam Kassel Controllable Webcam

Operator: Pixelapparat

(23 Miles): Webcam Brilon, Germany
Webcam Brilon Weather-Webcam Brilon - Webcam-images and comprehensive weather data from Brilon-Gudenhagen.

Operator: Wetterdaten und Webcam Bilder aus Erndtebrück und Brilon

(23.2 Miles): Webcam Diedenshausen (Bad Berleburg), Germany
Webcam Diedenshausen (Bad Berleburg) View of Diedenshausen - A webcam view of Diedenshausen, Bad Berleburg.

Operator: Diedenshausen

(24.6 Miles): Webcam Olsberg, Germany
Webcam Olsberg Hotel Bigger Hof - Webcam on the rooftop of the Hotel Bigger Hof in Olsberg, Hochsauerland, Germany - refreshes every 5 seconds.

Operator: Hotel Bigger Hof

(24.6 Miles): Webcam Grebenstein, Germany
Webcam Grebenstein View of Grebenstein - The view of Grebenstein from NiNeKa.

Operator: NiNeKa Handels GmbH

(28.5 Miles): Webcam Bad Berleburg, Germany
Webcam Bad Berleburg BSW Weathercam - Webcam with a view of Bad Berleburg.

Operator: BSW Berleburger Schaumstoffwerk

(28.5 Miles): Webcam Marburg, Germany
Webcam Marburg Marburg Castle - Panorama view of Marburg Castle.

Operator: Hessischer Rundfunk

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