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Webcams in the Region of Estenfeld, Germany

Current local time in Estenfeld: 02:20

Coordinates of Estenfeld:
Longitude: 10° 1' 0" East
Latitude: 49° 50' 0" North

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The List of Webcams near Estenfeld, Germany: (Other places in Germany »)
Webcam Würzburg, Germany - 4.7 miles from Estenfeld:
Webcam Würzburg Marienberg Fortress - View over the Main river towards Marienberg Fortress.

Operator: Stadt Würzburg

Webcam Würzburg, Germany - 4.7 miles from Estenfeld:
Webcam Würzburg View from Würzburg-Heidingsfeld - A nice panorama view over the city of Würzburg.


Webcam Theilheim, Germany - 5.5 miles from Estenfeld:
Webcam Theilheim TheilheimCam - Weathercam overlooking Theilheim, Germany, in southwestern direction.

Operator: TheilheimCam

Webcam Eibelstadt, Germany - 7.6 miles from Estenfeld:
Webcam Eibelstadt Yachting Port Eibelstadt

Operator: WSC Eibelstadt

Webcam Arnstein, Germany - 10.1 miles from Estenfeld:
Webcam Arnstein Weathercam Arnstein - A view of the current weather in Arnstein with current weather data and timelapse video.

Operator: BloomSky

Webcam Wittighausen, Germany - 17 miles from Estenfeld:
Webcam Wittighausen Wittighausen Weather - Every five minutes a new image of this weather webcam.

Operator: Wetter-Wittighausen

Webcam Schweinfurt, Germany - 17.5 miles from Estenfeld:
Webcam Schweinfurt Georg-Wichtermann-Platz - View of the Georg-Wichtermann-Platz in Schweinfurt.

Operator: Webcam Schweinfurt

Webcam Pfaffenhausen, Germany - 19.2 miles from Estenfeld:
Webcam Pfaffenhausen Hammelburg and Saale Valley - View from the rooftop of a house in Pfaffenhausen towards the Saale valley and Hammelburg.

Operator: Alex Preyer Fotografie

Webcam Neuendorf am Main, Germany - 21.6 miles from Estenfeld:
Webcam Neuendorf am Main View onto Neuendorf

Operator: Neuendorf am Main

Webcam Röttingen, Germany - 22.5 miles from Estenfeld:
Webcam Röttingen View onto Röttingen - A view from Brattenstein castle.

Operator: Stadt Röttingen

Webcam Lohr a.Main, Germany - 22.5 miles from Estenfeld:
Webcam Lohr a.Main LohrCam - Panorama view onto Lohr a.Main.

Operator: LohrCam

Webcam Lohr am Main, Germany - 22.7 miles from Estenfeld:
Webcam Lohr am Main City Center - A view of the city center of Lohr am Main.

Operator: Bürgernetz Main-Spessart

Webcam Wertheim, Germany - 22.9 miles from Estenfeld:
Webcam Wertheim Market Square - A view of Wertheim's market square.

Operator: Stadt Wertheim

Webcam Lauda-Königshofen, Germany - 23.1 miles from Estenfeld:
Webcam Lauda-Königshofen Weathercam Lauda - Weather webcam at the southern town entrance of Lauda.


Webcam Hasloch, Germany - 23.6 miles from Estenfeld:
Webcam Hasloch Durchgangsstrasse - A view of the Durchgangsstrasse in Hasloch.

Operator: Spessart-Computer

Webcam Rieneck, Germany - 24.3 miles from Estenfeld:
Webcam Rieneck View over Rieneck - View of the city and the castle.

Operator: Stadt Rieneck

Webcam Haßfurt, Germany - 25.7 miles from Estenfeld:
Webcam Haßfurt Haßfurt Airfield - View from the tower onto the runway and apron.

Operator: Verkehrslandeplatz Haßfurt-Schweinfurt

Webcam Bad Mergentheim, Germany - 26.1 miles from Estenfeld:
Webcam Bad Mergentheim Market Square - View from the old town hall onto the market square and the twin houses.

Operator: Stadtverwaltung Bad Mergentheim

Webcam Bad Windsheim, Germany - 29 miles from Estenfeld:
Webcam Bad Windsheim Historic Center - View from the town hall onto the rooftops of the historic center of Bad Windsheim.

Operator: Stadt Bad Windsheim

Webcam Bad Bocklet, Germany - 30.1 miles from Estenfeld:
Webcam Bad Bocklet Rehazentrum Bad Bocklet

Operator: Rehazentrum Bad Bocklet

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