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Webcams in the Region of Dautenwinden, Germany

Current local time in Dautenwinden: 07:05

Coordinates of Dautenwinden:
Longitude: 10° 31' 0" East
Latitude: 49° 16' 0" North

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The List of Webcams near Dautenwinden, Germany: (Other places in Germany »)
Webcam Herrieden, Germany - 2.4 miles from Dautenwinden:
Webcam Herrieden Herrieden-Gräbenwinden


Webcam Ansbach, Germany - 3.5 miles from Dautenwinden:
Webcam Ansbach Historic Center - A view of the Uzstrasse in the historic center of Ansbach, Germany.

Operator: Ansbacher Reisewelt

Webcam Neuendettelsau, Germany - 12.3 miles from Dautenwinden:
Webcam Neuendettelsau St. Nikolai Church - View of the St. Nikolai church in Neuendettelsau, a second webcam shows Bechhofen Rezattal.


Webcam Gunzenhausen, Germany - 14.9 miles from Dautenwinden:
Webcam Gunzenhausen Stork's Nest of Gasthaus Lehner - The webcam shows the stork's nest of the Gasthaus Lehner, a webcam video is also available.

Operator: Gasthaus Lehner – Zum Storchennest

Webcam Dinkelsbühl, Germany - 16.3 miles from Dautenwinden:
Webcam Dinkelsbühl Stork's Nest - Webcam viewing into the stork's nest on top of the old town hall of Dinkelsbühl.

Operator: Bund Naturschutz - Kreisgruppe Ansbach

Webcam Bad Windsheim, Germany - 16.9 miles from Dautenwinden:
Webcam Bad Windsheim Historic Center - View from the town hall onto the rooftops of the historic center of Bad Windsheim.

Operator: Stadt Bad Windsheim

Webcam Rothenburg o.T., Germany - 17.1 miles from Dautenwinden:
Webcam Rothenburg o.T. Rothenburg Market Square - Two webcams with a view of Rothenburg's market square.

Operator: Offizielle Website der Stadt Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Webcam Roßtal, Germany - 18.9 miles from Dautenwinden:
Webcam Roßtal Weathercam - A weathercam viewing over Roßtal from

Operator: Der PC-Kümmerer

Webcam Ramsberg, Germany - 21.5 miles from Dautenwinden:
Webcam Ramsberg Brombachsee - A view in northeastern direction over the Brombachsee.

Operator: addicted Sports

Webcam Neustadt a. d. Aisch, Germany - 22 miles from Dautenwinden:
Webcam Neustadt a. d. Aisch Storkcam - A view into the stork's nest on the town hall of Neustadt.

Operator: Stadt Neustadt an der Aisch

Webcam Schrozberg, Germany - 24.7 miles from Dautenwinden:
Webcam Schrozberg RaibaCam - Live streaming webcam of the Raiffeisenbank Schrozberg-Rot am See eG showing Schrozberg Castle.

Operator: Raiffeisenbank Schrozberg-Rot am See

Webcam Treuchtlingen, Germany - 28 miles from Dautenwinden:
Webcam Treuchtlingen Rathausplatz Treuchtlingen - A view from the town hall in southeastern direction towards the Markgrafenkirche.

Operator: Stadt Treuchtlingen

Webcam Nuremberg, Germany - 28.3 miles from Dautenwinden:
Webcam Nuremberg Nuremberg Airport - View of the apron of Nuremberg Airport.

Operator: Flughafen Nürnberg

Webcam Nuremberg, Germany - 28.3 miles from Dautenwinden:
Webcam Nuremberg View over Nuremberg - A live view from Nuremberg.

Operator: feratel media technologies AG

Webcam Nuremberg, Germany - 28.3 miles from Dautenwinden:
Webcam Nuremberg Pfarrkirche St. Elisabeth - View from the Plärrer towards St. Elisabeth church and Frauentorgraben.

Operator: Deutsche Anwaltshotline

Webcam Nuremberg, Germany - 28.3 miles from Dautenwinden:
Webcam Nuremberg Skycam - A view of the sky above Nuremberg.


Webcam Nuremberg, Germany - 28.3 miles from Dautenwinden:
Webcam Nuremberg Panorama over Nuremberg

Operator: Stadt Nürnberg

Webcam Röttingen, Germany - 29.7 miles from Dautenwinden:
Webcam Röttingen View onto Röttingen - A view from Brattenstein castle.

Operator: Stadt Röttingen

Webcam Weikersheim, Germany - 31.5 miles from Dautenwinden:
Webcam Weikersheim Campground Schwabenmühle - View over the campground Schwabenmühle.

Operator: Campingplatz Schwabenmühle

Webcam Erlangen, Germany - 31.7 miles from Dautenwinden:
Webcam Erlangen Hugenottenplatz - A view of the Hugenottenplatz in the center of Erlangen, Germany.

Operator: Webcam Erlangen

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