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Webcams in the Region of Bande, Belgium

Current local time in Bande: 02:22

Coordinates of Bande:
Longitude: 5° 25' 0" East
Latitude: 50° 10' 0" North

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The List of Webcams near Bande, Belgium: (Other places in Belgium »)
(32.4 Miles): Webcam Sankt Vith, Belgium
Webcam Sankt Vith Town Hall Square - A view of the town hall square of Sankt Vith, Belgium. (Hotels, Webcams and Webcam-Map Sankt Vith)

Operator: Gemeinde St. Vith

(33.8 Miles): Webcam Bourscheid, Luxembourg
Webcam Bourscheid Landscape View - A nice view over the landscape at Bourscheid.

Operator: Cumulux Paragliding Club

(34.6 Miles): Webcam Daleiden, Germany
Webcam Daleiden Weathercam Daleiden - Weathercam of the butschers Zimmer with a view of the town center of Daleiden.

Operator: Fleischerei Zimmer

(41.4 Miles): Webcam Wirtzfeld, Belgium
Webcam Wirtzfeld Weathercams - Some webcams are showing the current weather in Wirtzfeld, Belgium.


(43.2 Miles): Webcam Medernach, Luxembourg
Webcam Medernach Camping auf Kengert - Webcams at the camping site 'auf Kengert' in Larochette-Medernach (Luxembourg).


(44.7 Miles): Webcam Prüm, Germany
Webcam Prüm Basilica and Hahnplatz - Webcam showing the center of Prüm with the Hahnplatz and the Basilica.


(45.1 Miles): Webcam Monschau, Germany
Webcam Monschau Market Square - View of the market square in the old town of Monschau.

Operator: Stadt Monschau

(45.1 Miles): Webcam Monschau, Germany
Webcam Monschau Monschau-Mützenich - Two webcams of the private weather station Monschau-Mützenich facing east and south.

Operator: Eifelwetter

(46 Miles): Webcam Udenbreth, Germany
Webcam Udenbreth Weißer Stein, Hellenthal-Udenbreth


(46 Miles): Webcam Udenbreth, Germany
Webcam Udenbreth Hellenthaler Aussichtsturm


(46.9 Miles): Webcam Biersdorf am See, Germany
Webcam Biersdorf am See Dorint Seehotel & Resort Bitburg/Südeifel - A nice view over the Bitburg reservoir from the Dorint Seehotel & Resort Bitburg/Südeifel.

Operator: Dorint Seehotel & Resort Bitburg/Südeifel

(47.3 Miles): Webcam Imbringen, Luxembourg
Webcam Imbringen WeatherCam - North and south view from Imbringen, Luxembourg.


(48.6 Miles): Webcam Maastricht, Netherlands
Webcam Maastricht Meteo Maastricht - A view of the current weather conditions in Maastricht.

Operator: Meteo Maastricht

(48.9 Miles): Webcam Bilzen, Belgium
Webcam Bilzen Alden Biesen Castle - View of Alden Biesen Castle in Rijkhoven, Bilzen.

Operator: feratel media technologies AG

(49.8 Miles): Webcam Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Webcam Luxembourg Luxembourg Airport - Two webcams offer a view of the airport of Luxembourg.

Operator: Administration de la navigation aérienne

(49.8 Miles): Webcam Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Webcam Luxembourg View of Luxembourg - A view of Luxembourg City.

Operator: Ministère des Travaux publics

(49.8 Miles): Webcam Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Webcam Luxembourg View over Luxembourg - Located on the Héichhaus, one of the tallest Buildings in Luxembourg City, gives a great overview of the City, including a 24h Review Video.

Operator: RTL newMedia

(49.8 Miles): Webcam Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Webcam Luxembourg Pont Adolphe

Operator: Administration des ponts et chaussees

(50.2 Miles): Webcam Sibbe, Netherlands
Webcam Sibbe Weathercam - A weathercam in Sibbe, Netherlands.


(50.7 Miles): Webcam Gasperich, Luxembourg
Webcam Gasperich Luxembourg-Gasperich Webcam - Webcam in Luxembourg-Gasperich.


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