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Webcams in the Region of Fitorja, Albania

Current local time in Fitorja: 01:36

Coordinates of Fitorja:
Longitude: 19° 27' 26" East
Latitude: 40° 37' 50" North

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What's this all about?

The List of Webcams near Fitorja, Albania: (Other places in Albania »)
(59.4 Miles): Webcam Sidari (Corfu), Greece
Webcam Sidari (Corfu) Beach View - A view from the Greek Village Restaurant.

Operator: Welcome to Sidari Corfu

(60.2 Miles): Webcam Frassanito, Italy
Webcam Frassanito Beach of Frassanito - Webcam with a view of the beach of Frassanito.

Operator: Eolo on line

(64.5 Miles): Webcam MSC Armonia, MSC Cruises
Webcam MSC Armonia BowView - A view of and over the bow of the MSC Armonia, MSC Cruises.

Operator: MSC Cruises

(69.1 Miles): Webcam Corfu, Greece
Webcam Corfu Webcam Arillas - Webcam from Arillas in the northwest of Corfu: Views of the beach.

Operator: Travel information for Arillas in north west Corfu

(70.2 Miles): Webcam Lecce, Italy
Webcam Lecce Panorama View - A nice panorama view over Lecce east in Italy.

Operator: Meteo Lecce

(76.8 Miles): Webcam Supersano, Italy
Webcam Supersano MeteoSalento - Supersano (Lecce), webcam pointing towards NW - Murgia Salentina (Serra di S.Eleuterio).

Operator: Meteo Salento

(76.8 Miles): Webcam Supersano, Italy
Webcam Supersano Panorama View - View towards southeast, Capo di Leuca.

Operator: Supermeteo

(78.8 Miles): Webcam Gagliano del Capo, Italy
Webcam Gagliano del Capo Webcam Ponte Ciolo Leuca - View of the Ponte Ciolo near Santa Maria di Leuca


(79.2 Miles): Webcam Konitsa, Greece
Webcam Konitsa View over Konitsa

Operator: Konitsa Live Webcam

(82.6 Miles): Webcam Marina San Gregorio, Italy
Webcam Marina San Gregorio Webcam San Gregorio Salento - The view from the Hotel Montecallini.


(83 Miles): Webcam Marina di Torre Vado, Italy
Webcam Marina di Torre Vado Several Views - Different panorama images from Marina di Torre Vado, Puglia.


(83.2 Miles): Webcam Torre Vado, Italy
Webcam Torre Vado Seaview - Panorama webcam in Torre Vado, Apulia, with a view of the Mediterranean Sea.


(84.3 Miles): Webcam Santa Maria al Bagno, Italy
Webcam Santa Maria al Bagno City View - A nice view of Santa Maria al Bagno, Apulia.

Operator: Studio Immobiliare Spano

(85.4 Miles): Webcam Racale, Italy
Webcam Racale View over Racale - A view over the western part of Racale.

Operator: RACALEcam

(86 Miles): Webcam Porto Cesareo, Italy
Webcam Porto Cesareo Meteo Porto Cesareo - Weather webcam in Porto Cesareo, Apulia.

Operator: Meteo Porto Cesareo

(86.6 Miles): Webcam Mesagne, Italy
Webcam Mesagne Piazza Orsini - A view of the Piazza Orsini in Mesagne.

Operator: Città di Mesagne

(87.4 Miles): Webcam Torre San Giovanni, Italy
Webcam Torre San Giovanni Harbour and Beach - Suggestive view of the harbour and beach in Torre San Giovanni, Ugento.

Operator: Skyline Webcams

(87.6 Miles): Webcam Gallipoli, Italy
Webcam Gallipoli Lungomare Galilei - View of the gulf of Gallipoli in southeastern direction.


(87.6 Miles): Webcam Gallipoli, Italy
Webcam Gallipoli Lungomare Galilei - Every three minutes a new image of the beach promenade Galilei in Gallipoli.

Operator: Meteo Gallipoli

(87.6 Miles): Webcam Gallipoli, Italy
Webcam Gallipoli Piazza Aldo Moro - The webcam fits one of the most picturesque views of the city. The 'window' that updates every 5 minutes the striking image, meet the little church of Santa Cristina, old Fountain, seventeenth-century bridge, castle, old town and marina of Canneto.

Operator: Gallipoli Meteo

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